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helping women train & fuel at every stage of life.  
smarter, not harder.

Anna found her passion early in life. As a girl she would dress up in her leotard and dance around the room with her mom to exercise gurus Jane Fonda, Gilad, and Denise Austin. She would host "exercise parties" for friends, not always ending with the healthiest snacks, but hey, she hadn't completed her nutrition studies yet. 

Recognizing her passion early, Anna began her professional career as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition consultant, followed by time spent developing health and wellness programs for corporations. 

Becoming a mother, and eventually a stay-at-home mother, was a life-shifting experience: incredible, exhausting, anxiety-ridden, and lonely all at once. Highs were tempered by lows, but from them came clarity.

As CJ Reynolds noted, "once you find clarity...direction and purpose will follow." 

Anna's purpose, she realized, centered on those with whom she most identified - mothers looking to be the best version of themselves. Today, Anna works to educate women and their husbands on how best to support women's health through pre-menopause, peri-menopause and post-menopause. 

The headline version? Anna has become a go-to for cycle-syncing, nutritional advice, movement, and ways to improvement mindset and recovery.

After all, when women learn how to harness their strength whilst navigating their cycles, the effect is transformative. What's more, when men learn how to assist women with their flo, the benefits are tough to quantify. B. DeLaere said it best, "a strong woman can do anything by herself. A strong man doesn't let her.

Anna resides with her husband and two sons in Nevada. She hosts speaking events, groups classes, and consults with individuals. Anna graduated from the University of Washington, and completed her Nutrition Consultant program through Bauman College.

Oh - I am hooked on Anna.  She is fantastic.  Best referral you have made. 
- Manny
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