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I had the privilege of working with Anna leading into my Ironman 70.3 Worlds Championship event. We established my 3 top priorities, and set a plan to address them over a realistic time line. My health was addressed in the process by examining my day to day nutrition and applying it to pre, during and post training session process. Over time, the focus on the details began to pay off, and come race day I knew exactly what I needed to do. Working with Anna was an education, a journey of discovery and most of all a very worthwhile one because race day was so much more than a success, it was a dream come true! Thank you Anna!!



I have always been a pretty healthy eater, but I have come to understand in the context of training, racing and other life goals, “eating healthy” is just winging it. Anna has helped me understand what to eat and when based on my body, what I am doing, what my goals are and how I am feeling. When we first started working together Anna would ask me questions about my overall wellness that were seemingly unrelated to what I thought we were focused on, but over time I have come to learn how one thing influences the other– performance, weight, stress, sleep, recovery, mood, energy, injury prevention…everything in the body is so interconnected. 


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